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What is FENG SHUI?- Feng Shui is the 3,000 year art of aligning yourself with CHI. This ever present, dynamic Universal Life Force can be channeled to create wealth, abundant health, career success, and an amazing life. Feng Shui works using the same principles as Acupuncture, Shiatsu, Tai Chi, Chi Gong - and other systems of healing that align energy and Life Force. As in other systems of Asian energy healing, Feng Shui works with the 5 Element theory, Yin and Yang, and the continuously merging male and female energies, flowing into each other, separate yet complete, symbolized by The TAI CHI glyph. One of the most familiar symbols in Feng Shui is the Bagua or octagon shape- which like the Tai Chi symbol - is dynamic and ever changing and symbolizes our relationship to the Universe.

The Octagon, according to Emperor Wen and other ancient sages, contained all the forces of the Universe that could be experienced by man. The Bagua is the microcosm of the macrocosm. The smaller universe of human experience reflecting the larger Universe and Cosmos. By opening and connecting to Universal forces (CHI), we transform and energize our life and environment. Through using practical and mysterious actions, the use of color, light, placement and sound, we can create a sacred space to live and work.

Feng Shui, by expanding our vision, helps us create new opportunities, energy, and accelerates our ability to manifest success. Feng Shui also gives us more control over our life circumstances. One of the most important aspects of Feng Shui or any form of geomancy is space clearing. This is an ancient and profound way of removing negative energy fields, entities, sadness, echoes of difficult, tragic or violent energies in a home or work space. Space clearing can be done before or after a Feng Shui consultation takes place. Feng Shui practioners have long believed in the Predecessor Law. This basically says that the energy of the prior owner, occupant or giver (of gifts) gets passed on to the person, This also includes auspicious energies. Buying a larger more expensive home, career advancement, birth of children, financial gain, creative endeavors that cause you to relocate, getting married etc also get passed on. Predecessor Law can include negative energies that are transmitted when moving into a new space: Illness, death, violence, setbacks of any kind - divorce, domestic violence, etc. When moving into a new home, office, apartment - it is good to find out as much as possible about prior owners, tenants and prior circumstances as possible. Space clearing can immediately and viscerally improve the way a home or office feels.

Space clearing can create new and auspicious patterns of CHI for you prior to beginning your Feng Shui experience.

CLUTTER: One of the first steps in a successful and creative Feng Shui experience is to lose and eliminate clutter from your lives, home, or office. Clutter blocks CHI or Life Force. It creates stagnant and unproductive patterns of energy and behavior. It blocks, distorts and prevents existing new energy from entering our lives. Start by spending half an hour a day going through old papers, books, clothes and belongings. Get rid of anything that you never use. Things that still have value you don't want - give to charity. Removing clutter allows new energy in and frees up energy in your life. Look around your home or office. Depending on which gua or area of your home is most cluttered may mirror the area(s) of your life where you have the most difficulty.

The Tibetan Buddhist Black sect Feng Shui is a combination of several spiritual influences .Indian Buddhism, Taoism, the Bon Religion from Tibet and Chinese folklore. The synthesis of these Ancient systems of knowledge create dynamic life changing energies. expanding our intuition, spiritual awareness, also creating greater energy on many levels. In Ancient times and today Feng Shui creates a connection between man and nature by alignment with the most vital and vibrant energies, places and locations.

In the Tibetan Buddhist Black Sect School of Feng Shui some of the most important areas of working with energy are: INTENTION DEVELOPING INTUITION, URGENT ACTION and VISUALIZATION, MEDITATION, and the 3 SECRET REINFORCEMENTS. (Mudras, Chants Intention). The Bagua is a system of reading energy patterns. The Bagua is used in many systems of Chinese energy healing. It is overlaid on a city or town, site, plot of land, building home, apartment or office. I The Bagua can be placed on hand, face or car. It shows the corresponding areas to the areas of our life and Universal influences.

Form School: Looking at forms in the land: Dragons, dreaming Goddesses, tortoises: Some of these forms were considered auspicious some- inauspicious. Where would a town or city thrive? Where would crops be abundant?

Those were places with good Feng Shui. In many sacred and secret Mystery Schools, it is called existing within the Sacred Circle.

Compass School: works with a compass or LoPan to determine directions that are considered auspicious, as well as working with Chinese astrology and the 5 Element theory to determine the best placement of rooms (we use the Bagua to determine the Mouth of Chi). More scientific deterministic Black Sect is intuitive and works with Transcendental cures.

Mouth of CHI: is the primary place (door) where Chi or life force comes into your home office etc. It is always considered the front door, even if another door is used more often. It is symbolic of the boundary between your word and the world outside.

Feng Shui cures work by using INTENTION, VISUALIZATION and using the 3 SECRET REINFORCEMENTS. Doing yoga, meditating, and trusting your intuition are a major part of moving energy and creating manifestation in the Tibetan Black Sect Feng Shui. It accelerates development of your spiritual connection to life and opens your psychic awareness. In the Tibetan Black Sect School of Feng Shui, we observe the Red Envelope ritual. When you have been given Sacred, transcendental cures by a Feng Shui consultant - we receive a minimum of 9 red envelopes. Through out Chinese history red has been a color of protection, power, wealth, creativity, spirit and passion. The envelopes also act as protection for the practioner when giving Ancient and secret cures. It also shows the sincerity of the receiver and empowers the cures that are given. HOW CAN FENG SHUI transform your life? Feng Shui opens portals to understanding Universal aspects of life and nature. Through aligning ourselves and creating sacred space - we exalt our own lives and become more able to receive the energies of the Universe that exist around us. Feng Shui unblocks and moves CHI, creates auspicious and vital patterns of energy that help us manifest our dreams into reality. Feng Shui and creative chaos: Sometimes in a healing crisis- things get worse before they get better. Part of unblocking energy can be experiencing dramatic and unexpected events, very often leading to a clearing of unwanted or limiting energy patterns creating an opening for accelerated opportunities and success. Feng Shui is a process that changes and evolves and is above all DYNAMIC. Learning to trust the process in a non-judgmental way is a major part of this experience, and one that expands our awareness and flexibility. Trusting the process/resistance. Changing your life can be scary. Let intuition guide your journey and Feng Shui will blast you into new dimensions of life experience.


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