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"I highly recomend Melissa Stamps if you have an "energetically changelled" listing. She did a clearing for me and almost immediately I got an accepted offer on a listing that had been "stuck". She is very professional and will enhance the energy and appearance of any apartment to draw in the buyer. I plan on using her quite often."

Claudia Milkowski, Associate Broker, Prudential Douglas Elliman, New York City

"Hats off to Melissa Stamps!  Melissa completely changed my living space without buying any new furniture, We moved what I had and repositioned it in different rooms, creating new floor plans and furniture placement.
The process of design and Feng Shui is still evolving, and each new change makes a dramatic difference in my  success, and in my home and business.
Thank you so much for your brilliant, insightful and generous ideas! I will always remain in awe of your design talents and Feng Shui skills!"

Lydia Yohay, LCSW
Experiential Realignment

"After attending one of my workshops, I had the pleasure of interviewing Melissa Stamps for my podcast series, Everyday Symbology. During the discussion on Feng Shui, Chi and Color, she recommended a few adjustments for my home. She felt they would accelerate the success of my life and living space. I took her advice and made two simple and profound changes. I noticed the effects immediately. Since then, my finances have improved dramatically and my home feels more energized. My business is taking off in a new and wonderful direction. If you seeking to improve your overall health, home, finances and life I highly recommend Tibetan Black Sect Feng Shui with Melissa Stamps. She has amazing knowledge of its history and application, She brings intuition, imagination and fun to this powerful healing art."

Jefferson Harman
Symbolic Intuitive and Dream Interpreter

"I met Melissa Stamps while I was trying to sell a challenging listing in Washington, D.C. The apartment was beautiful and in a great area, but there were not a lot of interested buyers. I could see changes in the market that were also complicating things. A colleague recommended Space Clearing. I called Melissa, and we discussed an approach that would help the property. She came in and worked with a lot of interesting techniques I had not seen before. She also made excellent Feng Shui recommendations that she felt sure would get the energy flowing. Within 5 days, I had many more people coming to see the apartment. By the middle of week 2, I had a buyer. Melissa is excellent at what she does, passionate and committed to helping people succeed! WOW! What a shift of good energy!"

Eugene Northrop, Associate Broker
Re/Max United Real Estate
14340 Old Marlboro Pike
Upper Marlboro, MD 20772

"As a real estate broker facing a challenging market- I had a  great listing with concerned out of state sellers. Their townhouse had been on the market for over 3 months with few showings and no offers. The townhouse  was empty and unfurnished. Everyone said it showed really well. It had  brand new paint and carpet.

Transformation & Design recommended that I do a Space Clearing and House Blessing ceremony. After this process was done , I was given some  additional ideas for the townhouse to make it more inviting to buyers. Within less than a week- there were many new showings.
Within 2 weeks, I had a signed offer . Shortly after,  townhouse was sold !   I had an excellent and  profitable experience with Transformation and Design. I also learned that what attracts buyers is more than meet the eye!"
David C.
Real Estate Broker
South Jersey

"After Transformation & D.E.S.I.G.N and I did the process of Feng Shui, without question, the gross revenue of my law practice went up 50%. I love my space. I look forward to coming in everyday. My clients love and enjoy being in my office. I am enjoying practicing law more than I did a year ago. Feng Shui has helped me generate better clients. The space has transformed my feelings about my practice. It has been an excellent and successful experience!''

Stanley G. Estate Attorney, NYC

"My health improved after moving my bed position. New career opportunities have presented themselves. I started my own Dot. Com Company in the last several months. Feng Shui has helped me achieve important goals and my vitality has greatly improved, My relationship with my family has expanded and deepened. I began to trace my Ancestors on the Internet! It is very exciting."

Colleen P., Public Relations Director, Dot.Com Business NYC

''My Feng Shui experience has not only been extraordinary from an interior design perspective, but also one of spiritual enlightenment. Feng Shui created an opening of new channels with family and friends. It has been an awakening of long anticipated dreams, by opening my living space in my Manhattan apartment, I have opened my world. Ms. Stamps use of color is spellbinding. Thank you, Melissa."

Carolyn M., Interior Designer, Furniture and Textile Sales, NYC

''After doing Feng Shui with Transformation & D.E.S.I.G.N. my business tripled. Painting my textile dyeing studio with bright, intense color has created an excellent and exciting work environment. I feel very creative. It has been the best financial year of my life."

Costos T., Master Dyer and Colorist , NYC Business

"I started working with Feng Shui one year ago. I was stuck in my life, There was initial resistance, and I only did some of the recommended adjustments. In spite of that, my life started to change radically. I am now totally committed to the process, A floodgate has opened bringing positive changes into my life: New Business opportunities, new romantic relationships . I am driven. I am in another zone. I have never been through anything like this before. I am in a non-linear experience of accelerated spiritual growth and accelerated flow of opportunity."

Jamie D., Special Needs Adoption Social Worker, San Francisco, CA.

"My experience with Transformation & D.E.S.I.G.N was to discover the 14th--planet, The laws of gravity and traditional perceptions of light, color and sound took on a bold new meaning. Being a lawyer and working with logical constraints, Ms. Stamps has opened doors which had previously only been known to the likes of Aldous Huxley, "To say that my business and professional life has changed as a result of Ms. Stamps' artistry would barely touch the surface. Not only has her work transformed my work environment, but it has noticeably had a positive impact on my clients and colleagues."

Ira S., International Corporate Attorney, NYC

"Melissa - It's really exciting around here! When I take your word for something - it's Gospel, girl! The wall is up. The bookcase is down... the painter, who I love, consistently says the space has a better feel - a bigger feel. It is so much quieter, secure and buffered. When you come in from the garden - there is no more chaotic CHI. It feels quieter. I am getting used to the CHI in here... this is wonderful! It is so beautiful. Thank you!"

Ellie M., Director of Marketing, Katonah, NY




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